Many thanks to all our clients that have taken the time to write us. As these make our business so fulfilling. Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. To view the full letters, click on the client’s name.

S. A. Kantor
“...Realtors such as Pat and Paul are true jewels that make what could otherwise be an extremely stressful exercise, smooth as silk...”

P. & R. Papandrea
“...Through all of the setbacks, you had the expertise and professionalism to promptly and calmly go about ticking things off, one by one, until all the obstacles were removed and the closing went smoothly...”

O. Sgambattera
“...I want to take this opportunity to thank you ror helping us to sell your listing at 401 Johnston Drive in Watchung. The successful closing on this transaction is a reflection of your profesionalism in Real Estate...”

J. Sordillo
“...At times I thought you wanted me to get the house more than I did. You worked with me and the seller and made everything work out with no stess on me. Now, I've never been happier in my new home and I owe it all to you. You went above and beyond the call of duty and made the deal happen...”

G. and J. Lewis
“...Beyond what can be learned, is what provides the most value - demonstrated "caring". They set expectations and delivered above and beyond!...I can assure you that both Pat and Paul know and execute with precsion what is necessary to complete the journey and they execute with excellence...”

“...Thank you so much for the lovely hibiscus plant and fern! That was most thoughtful of you! It has been pleasant working with you to see our lot. Thank you so much for all your work in our behalf...”

“...The combination of their talents of sales, marketing and construction expertise met all my expectations...It has been a wonderful experience working with Pat and Paul and my thanks to you for recommending them to me...”

Bruce Dahly
“...Paul Stillwaggon is a true Real Estate professional with many years of experience...Paul's in-depth knowledge of local building codes, his contacts with Township officials, R/E attorneys, other brokers and various home repair suppliers all served to simplify the sale of our home and smooth out some stressful moments...Paul was always available to answer questions or offer advise - even when he was on vacation. He has developed a sophisticated system for marketing properties via the Internet and other means such that awareness of the availability of our home being on the market spread quickly to the most people possible. I highly recommend him and his team of professionals to others for any R/E transaction...”

John and Mary Silva
“...You are a pleasure to work with and it is a privilege to know you. You are kind and honest people and we really appreciate all that you are doing for us....”

M. Hennes & L. Mikkelson
“...Your familiararity with the development of similar pieces of property allowed you to identify specific buyers who would be interested. Your knowledge of engineering and building requirements along with your personal relationships with local attorneys, engineers, builders and Warren Township officials were invaluable. Even when the original buyer decided to back out of our deal you quickly stepped in, found us another buyer and helped push through a prompt closing...”

Janet and Tom
“...We'll be having Christmas in our new home! The past few months have been hectic but we are enjoying the new adventure. Thanks for everything you two have done for us...”

L. & M. Riddell
“...We just wanted to send Weicher Realtors a note of thanks for making the sale of our home a virtually painless experience...”

Ellen LeCompte
“...I was spared having to deal with so many of the details and difficulties. The result was that the property was sold quickly, and because of their efferts, as effertlessly and painlessly on my part as possible...”

G. & S. Fiacco
“...The patience, assistance and honesty that [Pat and Paul] exhibited in helping us find our "dream home" cannot be praised enough. Both took the time, often on a moments notice due to our schedules, to make sure we were making the right decision for us. We truly appreciate all of their hard work. It goes without saying that they are two of the most dedicated professionals we have ever had the pleasure to deal with...”

Helen & Mac
“...It was a pleasure to have you as the realtors for our home. It went very smoothly and I do hope the new owners enjoy life here as we have...”

K. J. Wildrick
“...I want to write and thank you for the wisdom and the foresight and the incredible good fortune of having Paul Stillwaggon representling Weichert Realtors...Please know how grateful we are to you and the entire Weichert organization for the beneficence and blessings that have been showered upon us as a result of having Paul Stillwaggon on your staff...”

J. & J. Piersanti
“...We felt the need to let you know exactly what Pat and Paul did for our family. They were the most dedicated sales associates a seller/buyer could ever ask for...Paul actually crawled through a crawl of space with his suit on in order to please the home inspector...They have touched our lives and will have a special place in our hearts and home...”

L. Wolford
“...I wish to inform you how pleased I have been to work with Paul. He has conducted himself in a highly professional and ethical manner throughout my dealings with him. I have come to trust him implicitly and it has been a pleasure for me to work with such a knowledgeable and professional Real Estate agent. Paul's professionalism, knowledge, dedication and honesty certainly reflect credit upon your company...”

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